As Boulder continues to evolve and grow, the need for innovative solutions to address housing affordability becomes increasingly urgent. To ensure a sustainable and inclusive future, the city should approach this issue combining zoning reform with targeted affordable housing initiatives. By reevaluating existing regulations and implementing new strategies, Boulder can create a more equitable community where all residents have access to safe and affordable housing.

I believe in growth, but I also believe in maintaining the existing major charter and zoning ordinances such as the height restriction.  We need thoughtful growth. We have to do this in a way that brings people together. I support strategic zoning reform to allow for slightly higher densities and gentle infill in certain areas. Specifically, we need more affordable housing for middle income earners, families, seniors, and students. Any zoning reform should be partnered with an affordable housing component. 

We need to find suitable and affordable housing options and in places where we have retail hubs and existing transit. People want to live where they work and recreate. We need missing middle and multi-family housing along transit corridors. We need to re-evaluate parking requirements where we have mass transit. I would like to explore the option of rezoning some portions of business and industrial districts to allow for mixed use opportunities. 

I want more housing. But we have to work with the existing neighborhoods to accomplish this. We should protect the existing residents and maintain single family neighborhoods where people are most passionate about character and development. 

Reform cannot be successful without the active engagement of our community. It is crucial to involve residents, local organizations, and stakeholders in decision-making processes.